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Established in 1955 as STC Cannon Components the company was purchased by Alcatel in 1987 and traded as Alcatel Components until 1998 when acquired by Amphenol Corporation. Amphenol Australia's head office is based in Melbourne, Victoria and is the Sales, Marketing and Engineering centre of excellence for an extensive range of professional connector and cabling products. Satellite facilities of Amphenol Australia also exist in Colorado and Los Angeles, in the USA as well as Shenzhen, China. 

Amphenol’s global presence allows us to take full advantage of our numerous corporate resources and product portfolio to provide you with a vast offering and choice. Our extensive range is designed to meet the specific needs of the entertainment markets to make the selection of your interconnect partner an easy choice.

The Amphenol Audio international brand name was launched by Amphenol Australia in 2006 and represents the flag ship of one of the company’s main core businesses and specialist product ranges. The company has been producing products for the pro-audio industry for over fifty years. Since the development of our XLR AC Series connectors, we have continued to provide our customers with exacting quality in an increasingly competitive environment.

Amphenol Australia’s award winning IDC (Insulation Displacement Contact) XLR showcases the company’s commitment to both Engineering Excellence and “Green Gigging” philosophies. It is the world’s first XLR to use solderless technology for a pro-audio microphone cabling application. It allows for cable assemblies to be made, or repairs performed to assemblies in the field, without the need for solder, resins and fluxes or externally powered soldering stations.  

Continuous improvement through ISO9001, a focus on environmental awareness and development of next generation industry leading products is our philosophy. As the entertainment industry moves into the future the emerging technologies from other industries has become more prevalent and more challenging. Amphenol Australia’s global presence combined with its close technical relationships with other Amphenol sister divisions, each a specialist and leader in their own interconnect field, places it well to support innovation and meet this challenge head on. 

The ability of Amphenol to provide a full range of design services required to support the customers applications design and modelling, applications engineering, fabrication, value-added assembly and testing, coupled with the largest interconnect offering on the market means that we can support all of your system level needs.

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